Click directly on this picture to get a better view. There are hollow dots so you can actually see through the nails acrylic. All of these colors are from the Young nails acrylic neon collection. I painted the white circles with a nail art pen.

This is glitter that I purchased from dollar nail art. I mixed the glitter with clear acrylic to make it super easy to apply. The purple background color is lava lamp art glitter. The ring fingers have 3d stars and the green acrylic is art glitter in fishnet.

On these nails acrylic I painted an abstract design on the black. Scroll to the bottom of this post to view the matching toes I did with these.

I have done a lot of flags this July. They are each a little different. I call this one my Dr. Seuss flag it curls in at the end a little. Just always having to get a little artsy and creative whenever I can.

On these nails acrylic we were trying to achieve the color apricot. I wish you could see the color in person because it is beauuutifullll. I faded two colors together.

This is opi gel polish in black onyx with a base coat of happy anniversary.

I have done soooo many cute toes lately, I'm frustrated because it is so hard for me to get a good picture of toes. I just can't get the right angle or lighting and the coloring turns out all wrong in the picture. I would appreciate any photography advice. I did think these pics turned out ok but the toes were much cuter in person. Grrrrrr

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