Did You Miss Me? Maybe?

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that I was gone for so long (almost a month!) but my life is finally settling down a bit and I can get back to my favorite hobby. So this post is going to be an update on my life and my nails, but the real nail posts will begin tomorrow.

So after I got through the craziness of my finals, I had to pack all of my things and wait patiently for housing to tell me to move. That week I started my new summer job as a secretary, and then that Wednesday I was told to move at 5pm. In the rain. Fantastic. So I get my key from the guy and I asked him to double check to see if it was the right room because it looked wrong. He gave me a snotty tone and said it was right. I spent all night hand-moving all of my things to the new room bcause I have no car, it took about 6 hours. After everything was moved, I found out that I had been placed in a male suite. Fantastic. So I spent the next day moving again to the room that I was supposed to be in. It was a complete nightmare. Then I started my summer classes and that has been keeping me busy too.

Moving my nail polish was quite the trek, below are the pictures of them after the move and then there are corresponding pictures of them re-organized. Nothing got broken thank goodness (I would have cried) but it looked like a hot mess. The nail polish melmer is now stored under my bed because it being on top of my flimsy bookcase was not a good place to put it. I like it there, and I have more room to spread out when I polish my nails and toes.

All of that moving also took a huge toll on my nails, they pretty much all chipped or snapped off, which is a big reason why I haven't been posting. They still aren't great, but at least they are even and a reasonable length now. I feel like I can take pictures of them at least lol. They are still rounded, but I hope to square them back off soon. I have literally been so busy that my no-buy lasted much longer than I thought, in fact I just bought nail polish for the first time since the end of February. How did I survive for so long? Needless to say I picked up a few of the pretty China Glaze Poolside polishes, I got Pool Party, Kiwi Cool-ada, and Flip Flop Fantasy. I am trying really hard not to go overboard, so three for now will be just fine. ;)

So all in all, I am ridiculously excited to be back in the community again, I missed you all so much!!! I feel so out of the loop and I am sorry that I have missed so much of what has been going on. The plans for the near future are to have a giveaway soon, to post some backlogged swatches, and to swatch some of the polishes of my roommates in my apartments, they all love nail polish too. They think I have too many polishes..... because I do, but they have a lot of colors that I don't have that I would love to swatch for all of you! Yay! Thank you guys for sticking with me while I have been away, I hope that you continue to enjoy my ramblings and the blog! :)

How To Get Rid Of The Yellow Color Of Nails

Even if you have strong healthy nails with beautiful form, they will look bad when there is a yellow tint. Why nails turn yellow? This is facilitated by some bad habits such as smoking. Some people have with age acquire a yellowish nails tinge. Fortunately, getting rid of this is fairly simple. First, you can use hydrogen peroxide, which excellent removes yellow plaque. Secondly, you can use a white nail pencil to touch up the tips of nails.

How to whiten nails
If you want to get rid of the yellowish plaque on the nails, try to whiten them with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Place 1 tablespoon of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide and 2 1/2 tablespoons baking soda in a small non-metallic dish and stir until the mixture acquires the consistency of paste. Then, using a tampon made of natural wool, apply this mixture on the surface of the nails and under the nails, treating first with one hand. After 2-3 minutes rinse with warm water, this composition. If traces of bleach remain on the nails, clean nails with the brush of natural bristle. Then apply the bleaching agent on the other hand nails. Repeat after 6-8 weeks.
Like other bleaching agents, such as, for example, lemon juice and buttermilk, hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation of the skin or nail tissue when in contact with them for a long time. Therefore we should not allow contact with the bleaching agent nails exceed 2-3 minutes. If you want to carry out this procedure more than once every 1,5-2 months, carefully inspect your nails after each session. And in any case, do not use more concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide has long been used as a light antiseptic for surface applications, so it does not harm the skin and nails if you follow all the instructions.

How to use a white nail pencil
If you prefer not to use bleach or you want your nails have a more elegant finished appearance, you can use a white pencil nail. Buy a pencil polish, do not forget to buy a sharpener, because the tip of a pencil at work must be sharp. Put the pencil under the nail tip. You must press the tip of pencil to nail, and not to finger/toe. To make things easier to work, put your hand on the table. Then lead the pencil from one side to another. Periodically sharpen your pencils, so it is much easier to work if the pencil is sharped.
Even if you feel that your nails do not have a yellow tint, try to use bleach and/or white nail pencil. The white tips of nails have a more elegant finished appearance. You'll be pleased with the result!

Taking a Short Break, I'll Be Back Soon!

Hi everyone! Due to the 5 difficult final exams that I have to take this week in addition to starting a new job and the fact that I can be forced to move my belongings to a new dorm room at any time, I have decided that I will not be posting on this blog until either Friday or Saturday. I am just too busy to do my nails, and frankly they are a hot mess right now anyways. I do not have time to take pictures and edit and write. Sorry guys, I feel bad because I am typically so good about posting consistently every single day. I hope that you understand that I am busy and that I will be back very soon. On a good note, I am almost better from that nasty cold I had last week. I don't feel sick anymore but I am still coughing. Once I am back and settled and in a groove with my new dorm room and classes and such; I plan on having a giveaway! Yay! So be on the lookout for that probably later this month.

If you really miss me, I do have a post scheduled for 1pm MDT on my piercing blog and you can check out that blog if you are interested. I may need to put off Thursday's post on that blog until Friday. I am also planning on checking my twitter page (@gildedangel) occasionally if you need to ask me a question or contact me. I have been having some minor troubles with my e-mail account so contacting me on Twitter will be best.

Again, I'm sorry that I won't be posting. I hope that you can forgive me for it. I will talk to you all the weekend! I love you all! <3