Miss Tangerine Nails

I really wanted to create a fresh, bright but
simple spring look. I was inspired by the
Miss Tangerine Line by Etude House.

Im currently sitting here eating my yummy
blackberries + honey.
Such a gooooood snack ^ ^

The Color of Spring

So the color for Spring 2011 is Orange this
year.I've been seeing more orangey lips, nails
and accessories online. Also - Etude House has
an entire Spring Line called Miss Tangerine.
Lots of orangey makeup ! Orange is an
energetic and fresh color that can brighten
your face or your outfit. Try light orange nail
polishes , blush or even lipstick with nude

If you watched my Tribal Nail Art video you
saw that I have a pastel orange polish.
I really love that color ! I dont have many
orangey polishes but Im definitely enjoying
that its now on trend.Orange is such a
cute color that hasnt yet had its time to shine
in the way of cosmetics!

Etude House Virtual Tour

Omggg the video below makes me
so happy ! I just wanted to share
in case you are into Etude House stuff ...
Please ignore the random loud music
in the middle of the video haha...
Dont know what thats about...

Anyway, she gives me such a great idea
of the things I wanna pick up the next time Im
in Korea - which is May. Yay cant wait !

You can also find lots of those items on ebay
or other sites ^ ^

I cant wait to go to Etude House again ! I lovve their
toners, eyeshadows & nail stuff ^ ^

I also uploaded a new video with an Etude House
product today :

Of roses, lace and everthing girly.

Now, this looks really pretty isn't it?

Simple stripes on the tips with roses and crystals.

Custom mix this shade of tiffany blue gel colour. :D
Thumbs have the same design as the ring finger.

*All gel colours used only.
*Some designs are modified and referenced from Nail Max/Nail Venus.

Love + My Valentine

In a pool somewhere...

Twin Nephews

Introducing you to my Valentine - L.J ! 
Haha ! For a bit of our history...
We have been together for 5 + years.
I actually went to the same middle school as
him but I never paid attention to him as I
thought he was a trouble maker...which he is 
the complete opposite of ! He later found me
again thru a mutual friends Hi5 profile.

Anyways, I really don't understand people that 
think that getting married after 1 year is a good 
idea. Up to year 2 I was still getting to know the 
ins and outs of my boyfriend. Now, I know everything 
pretty much about him, what to expect, what
he likes/dislikes etc.

I know people these days especially are 
obsessed with the idea of love. 
It takes a lot more than love to make a 
relationship work. Thankfully I have an
extremely rare and amazing boyfriend who is so 
completely loving and kind ! He is very 
even-tempered and polite as well. I know that I am 
so lucky to have him ! 

However, having love from a guy or girl is not 
the most important thing. If you dont know
what you want in a partner...& if you dont fully love
yourself...then its better if you stay single. Dont try
and look for love from someone else. Realize that 
is just a bonus of the relationship. You need 
to feel complete in yourself first...otherwise you
will just drag the other person down. Take classes, 
go on trips, find your interests and become
a balanced and open person...then you will be
ready to let someone else in. 

I do not believe there is one person out there
for everyone. Many people you come
across could be possibly compatible. 
One thing I must say is that when you 
are in a relationship with someone...after time
both ppl do change to slightly fit the other 
person. Just little things...I dont mean your
personality or anything like that. But, my point is 
you could end up being perfectly happy with
lots of different people...depending on who
you meet first. I do have faith though that everyone
can find an amazing love in their life... and of course
more than one if you break up with the first...
You just gotta be brave, never stop 
learning/improving & make sure you have 
something to offer in terms of
being equally as loving/kind/attentive. 

You often find love when you arent looking for it.
So, if you dont have a valentine or a significant other...
Who cares ! Enjoy the freedom...be your own best
friend. Love yourself and be the best person possible
and you will no doubt attract an amazing person
one day. Just be patient : ) 

This blog post was inspired by the lovely Queenie.
She is so freaking inspirational and gorgeous ! 

For those that have someone... do something
out of the ordinary together...surprises make 
a serious relationship stay fun and exciting : ) 

P.S - A lot of middle aged women are 
like in love with my boyfriend HAHA ! 
Some people say he looks like Tyrese a bit...
I told him not to let it get to his head LOL !

korea ! 

Pretty Nails Pt.6



China Glaze Crackle Polishes

So Im sure you guys have seen the OPI 
Crackle Polish that came out with Katy Perry's collection. There are lots of demo's 
on youtube using it and  it creates a really
 cool effect. However there is only
 one color - black. OPI is not the first 
to bring out crackle polishes
but OPI is a brand that is easily 
available world wide.
Then I heard China glaze was coming
out with crackle polishes of different colors
 this month and I got so excited !
China glaze is more affordable than OPI
and with this color selection its sure
to be a big trend for Spring !

 The colors are :

 Lightning Bolt – White
 Cracked Concrete – Grey
Black Mesh – Black
 Crushed Candy –  Teal/Blue
 Broken Hearted – Pink
 Fault Line – Purple

Haute Couture

Haute Couture literally means high fashion. It is a fancy expression for made-to-order clothing and only 14 brands in the world qualify. The brands that make couture have to invest in the best designers, materials and craftsmen, and precious few people can afford to buy the results. Why do they do it ? Because it's the highest example of fashion as art - a chance for designers to showcase their most imaginative creations, unburdened by ideas of what's practical, commercial and saleable. And when you see the clothes in real life,you will understand why. The designs are elaborate, the construction - flawless. The fabrics are visibly luxurious and expensive. The colours are rich, vivid and multi-toned. If you can produce couture, it means you're among the best.
To me, couture nails are the same. They are every nail artist's dream, to be able to create without any boundaries and unlimited posibilities using the best materials and technology available to us. Made-to-order nails for every occassion and express art in a miniature wearable form.
Fashion and beauty are inextricaby linked. Nail technicians should not just be limited and contented with caring for people's hands and feet but they should be able to play an active role in the world of fashion and  explore their skill and talent beyond just a manicure, pedicure and a polish job !

Happy Rabbit New Year!

Some cute nail pictures to share. ;)

Minnie mousey nails! With a red heart with red crystals on the middle finger. Something different from the usual french style nails.

Bunny, strawbies and polka dots ribbon!

Rillakuma and Korillakuma! Correct spelling? Lazy to google! HAHA.
Cute or not!!!? Did them using acrylic powder and directly onto the nails. Heh.

Pink and girly with double pink bows and lots of crystals!

Makeup Haul

I cant stop ! Haha ! 
Here are a few things I bought 
recently : ) 

L'Oreal True Match Powder W6

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stains
- In the Buff
- Wink of Pink
- Feeling Rosy
- Cranberry Crush

Revlon Prim-Rose Lipstick

Revlon Sky Pink Lipstick

Maybelline Eye Studio Quads
- Sapphire Siren
- Green with Envy

Models Own Gold Pigment

NYX Gold Glitter Liner

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express

MUFE HD Foundation #170 

& If you were wondering about the lip stain - here is how
I apply the Cranberry Color :

Nail Polish Rack !

The following photos make me so 
freaking happy ! I find joy
in many small occurrences in life.
I get overly excited extremely easily ...
and this is one of those times.
Today I came into work to find a big 
bag on my desk. I opened it and found
this freaking nail polish rack !
My friend who works at a store that
carries various stuff including nail polish
gave it to me as the store didnt need
 it anymore. I think its slightly crooked 
or something so they didnt want it.

But O-M-G. Its perfect.
You guys saw the ghetto container
I used to store my polishes in...well
I guess Im moving up in the world.
HA ! 

Its an OPI Rack by the way.
The slight OCD inside of me makes me
want to fill the rack with all OPI but
I shall restrain myself !  Lol ! 

You can find racks like this or even
 bigger on ebay though...
Try searching 'nail polish rack'