Nail Collection Pt 2

Hallo everyone ! Here is the second 
part of my nail collection vid. 
Finally managed to get it up lol.
I focused on my acrylic supplies, polishes 
and briefly on my nail magazines that
 I got from Korea/Japan.
Below are some pics of my nail polishes 
in groups of colors. Its not all of em but 
I chose  my fav groups of colors
 to post here. 

If you havent seen the first part
 and want to see it - you can click on 
the link at the beginning of this 


Lovely Lipstick

Im loving Revlons "Prim-Rose " Lipstick !
Its a creme formula and it goes on so 
natural and creamy ! 
In the photo below I have it next to
Macs " Snob "  I actually prefer the Revlon
one as the Mac one looks almost too 
pasty on the lips. I dont know how to 
explain it. The revlon one just
looks more subtle and complimentary.
When I saw it in the tube at the store
I was worried it would show up on my
lips like the Mac one ... but it didnt ! 
Its a pinkish color, no shimmer
with just a hint of lilac.
It does look very similar to "Snob "
But, it goes on much better and its 
more moisturizing ! 
I love drugstore lipsticks !

The revlon one is in the gold tube : 

Love Packages

So I got 3 packages - none of which I was aware were coming.
3 surprises ! Such a rare event ! 
I just thought I would show briefly what my lovely 
friends sent out of excitement and appreciation
Thanks guys ! <3 
(Click photos if you want to see them larger) 

just opened the boxes and spread everything out ! 

nail stickers & rhinestones 

hexagon glitter

lots of models own polishes ! one broke -
you can see that color in my nail collection vid on my youtube.

wah nails - nail art pen

cute nail file

lovely pastels

models own amazing gold pigment

some cute stuff from korea ! 

amazingly cute daily planner 

korean orange chocolate !

vintagey stickers ! 

P.S - Have you guys seen this channel ? 
I just watched her fashion report in the store 'Baby The Stars Shine Bright'
Thought it was pretty cool how she is bringing Japan to life through our
computer screens ! She has lots of interesting vids with eng subs
if you wanted to check her out : ) 

My Nail Collection Video :

( If you go to the youtube info bar - you will see
some places I recommend you to get some of 
the products shown or similar products ) 

New Colors, New Creation

Sitting in front of more than 60 new color samples of acrylic color powders, my head starts spinning and adrenalin starts pumping. I feel like a little girl in a candy store ! It's finally narrowed down to 48 colors and now begins my journey of making a difference with the designs that I'm about the create with these new amazing colors which will now be part of the ONE new acrylic collection by Odyssey.

To make art wearable, encapsulated or embedded art is not only long lasting and stunning in appearance, it gives a "looking into glass" effect. I'm taking it one step further to introduce movement, layering and realism into my embedded art which is all created with brushwork in acrylic and still maintain a reasonable thin finish.

Moda En Unas (Mexico) Cover

 What fun it was to do a cover for ONS in Mexico for the nail magazine Moda En Unas in this issue. After a long show and classes, all of us got together to get the cover nails done for the photoshoot the following day.
Our beautiful hand model Eva Luz
Also stay tuned for the next hot sizzling cover with design by Viv Simmonds as we shared the hands of the same model.

Year Of The Rabbit 2011

Year of the Rabbit, painted with The ONE Gel Paint
Year 2011 for me started off with an exciting trip to Seoul for the 5th Global Nail Cup. The weather was freezing and hovering between -5 to -16 degrees celcius and for the first time in all these years to Korea, I was caught in the middle of a heavy snowfall right in the heart of Seoul ! Our team took home 13 awards from the event including the Best Team Effort award. I had the privilege of showing the new gel painting (The ONE) in the super demo together with five other international nail artists from Korea (Nam Gung Soo & Lim Hee A), Australia (Viv Simmonds), Netherlands (Tamara Bhagoe) and Japan (Jurry Sato). My theme this year is the Rabbit all painted with gels and I hope you like the design :)

Pink and girly!

Other than bridal nails, I also did quite a bit of fun designs.

Baby pink with black hearts, lace, polka dots and finally pink n white bows! Other than the embossed bows, the decos are all embedded within the gel. ;)
Design from Nail Max.

Pink leopard prints inlays! Can you see the glitter? Hehe. I have the prints in black as well.

And this is the design I love most! I also gotta love her nail bed size cos they are wide enough to create this lovely design. Heh. ;D
Modified design from Nail Max.

Natalie White is in Korea !

I dont know if you guys have heard of Natalie White.
But, she is an American obsessed with the Korean culture.
She remixes Korean songs by herself ! 
Her youtube name is "pumashock" by the way.
She got the chance to go on Star King a few years ago
and now she got the chance to go back for MBC's
Star Audition. Hope everything goes well for her : ) 
In this clip you can tell she is super nervous.
Her voice is usually better but anyway yay her ! 
I would have fainted ! Lol ! 

Designs for Short Nails

Sometimes certain nail designs or colors
look better or equally as good on short nails.

The first thing is colors. For some people 
with long nails that wear all dark or 
black nail polish  - it can come off 
looking witch-esque. People with shorter 
nails can carry black or darker colors off 
much better. Im talking about all black/dark 
nails with no design. 

I also think super metallic or even minx 
nails look better on short/medium nails.

Also nude, natural colors look so amazing 
on short nails. Even better than on long nails 
in my opinion.

Pastel colors also look great on short nails ! 

Next lets talk about some designs that look
great on short nails.

The first thing is dots. I love dots all over
short nails. It looks super cute and gives
your nails a fun look without having to do
too much work. I find a plain old match 
works best for creating dots. 

Also - leopard print looks really nice on 
short nails. As long as the nails are neat 
and even any design can look great on
short nails. So file and buff the edge of
your nails to start creating a shape : )

The next thing is stripes...sometimes its a 
bit hard to pull off a french mani on short nails 
cuz there just isnt enough space depending
on the nail length. But, vertical stripes can 
give the illusion of a slight length increase
and looks really cute. Nail Polishes with
super thin brushes work best for this.  

So if you ever see any nail tutorial
where the nail artist is only painting
their tips...simply bring the design
down to your whole nail if 
you have short nails !

Thats it for today. I might
make another post if I have some more
opinions of what can look great on 
short nails ! : ) 

Old Pics from Korea & Japan Trip

So as you may know I went to South Korea & Tokyo 
in 2009. A couple people asked to see 
some pics - so here are a few. Hope you enjoy : )
Definitely go to Asia whenever you can ! 
Its amazing ! 
I have 3 videos on how to go to Asia for cheap
on my blog if you click the tag "Going to Asia"
below this post. 

Press Read More to see more pics below. 

mount fuji - view from the plane

Cherry Blossoms in Shinjuku
Me and my friend Hitomi's passports..waiting to be filled with stamps 

First view of Tokyo ! I woke up from my nap and gasped

Cherry Blossom Petals on the ground

There is dessert on this sushi train ! Haha 

Shibuya ! 

Drawing on Pics



This made me happy...

Man in the distance 

Inside a Mall in Shibuya or Harajuku...I forget !

After getting my gel nails 

Ansan, South Korea

I love Korean delivery service !
Jjajangmyun + Mandu + Tang Su Yook 

 Reggae Bar in Hongdae 

Getting some sweets in Insadong

Lovely Cafe near Insadong

Errr...Saw this at a random stall haha

Traditional Korean Masks 

Going to Yongsan on the train

Found this in a kids toy store : / 

On the sidewalk

Making Hoddeuk - Hot Cakes with Sweet filling