Designs for Short Nails

Sometimes certain nail designs or colors
look better or equally as good on short nails.

The first thing is colors. For some people 
with long nails that wear all dark or 
black nail polish  - it can come off 
looking witch-esque. People with shorter 
nails can carry black or darker colors off 
much better. Im talking about all black/dark 
nails with no design. 

I also think super metallic or even minx 
nails look better on short/medium nails.

Also nude, natural colors look so amazing 
on short nails. Even better than on long nails 
in my opinion.

Pastel colors also look great on short nails ! 

Next lets talk about some designs that look
great on short nails.

The first thing is dots. I love dots all over
short nails. It looks super cute and gives
your nails a fun look without having to do
too much work. I find a plain old match 
works best for creating dots. 

Also - leopard print looks really nice on 
short nails. As long as the nails are neat 
and even any design can look great on
short nails. So file and buff the edge of
your nails to start creating a shape : )

The next thing is stripes...sometimes its a 
bit hard to pull off a french mani on short nails 
cuz there just isnt enough space depending
on the nail length. But, vertical stripes can 
give the illusion of a slight length increase
and looks really cute. Nail Polishes with
super thin brushes work best for this.  

So if you ever see any nail tutorial
where the nail artist is only painting
their tips...simply bring the design
down to your whole nail if 
you have short nails !

Thats it for today. I might
make another post if I have some more
opinions of what can look great on 
short nails ! : ) 
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