No Nails Today, Just an Update

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I have no nails for you today, I completely ruined them at work yesterday. I was re-organizing a lot of files in hanging folders and it took a huge toll on my nails. 5 of them either really chipped or broke off almost completely. :( So sometime today I will take the painful action of shortening them all, which make me really sad. I also cut my cuticles a lot moving these files (keep in mind I moved thousands of files yesterday, it took me 5 hours to reorganize them all) and got some cuts on my arms. Who knew that moving files could be so hazardous? So yeah, my hands are in really rough shape. I have some backlogged pictures of swatches that I will be sharing, which should give me enough time to get my hands into okay shape again. Sorry about that everyone!

In other news I have tons of homework to get done this weekend and I have to study for a final that I have in the middle of next week. Fun times. I am locking myself in my apartment all weekend lol! After my music class is over hopefully I will have a lot more time on my hands to actually do my nails more than a couple of times a week. Anything big going on in your lives? :)
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