Old Pics from Korea & Japan Trip

So as you may know I went to South Korea & Tokyo 
in 2009. A couple people asked to see 
some pics - so here are a few. Hope you enjoy : )
Definitely go to Asia whenever you can ! 
Its amazing ! 
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below this post. 

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mount fuji - view from the plane

Cherry Blossoms in Shinjuku
Me and my friend Hitomi's passports..waiting to be filled with stamps 

First view of Tokyo ! I woke up from my nap and gasped

Cherry Blossom Petals on the ground

There is dessert on this sushi train ! Haha 

Shibuya ! 

Drawing on Pics



This made me happy...

Man in the distance 

Inside a Mall in Shibuya or Harajuku...I forget !

After getting my gel nails 

Ansan, South Korea

I love Korean delivery service !
Jjajangmyun + Mandu + Tang Su Yook 

 Reggae Bar in Hongdae 

Getting some sweets in Insadong

Lovely Cafe near Insadong

Errr...Saw this at a random stall haha

Traditional Korean Masks 

Going to Yongsan on the train

Found this in a kids toy store : / 

On the sidewalk

Making Hoddeuk - Hot Cakes with Sweet filling 

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