Top 10 Beauty Loves of 2010

These are in no particular order

1. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

I love how smoothly &naturally 
this goes on. Its a slightly loose
formula which glides over blemishes
and gives the skin a more dewy look. 
I mix it with my MUFE foundation.

2. MUFE HD Foundation 

I use this every day mixed in with my
photo ready. I do a 2:1 proportion. 
I use more of the Photo Ready.
This stuff stays on so well & its more
concentrated. Wearing it by itself
makes my face look a bit too...
over done ? Its sort of thick and a
little goes a long way.
The tones of this foundation also
dont match my skin well so I have to use
both. But, I love how it makes my 
photo ready more longer wearing. 
I really love them both for different combined they make 
a great foundation !

3.Vichy Anti Blemish Intensive 
Treatment Cream

This stuff is great at preventing blemishes
& clearing them up if you happen to get 
a pimple. Its thick and concentrated
yet feels light on the skin.
Its great for an all over moisturizer 
as well. Sometimes acne treatments 
only target spots and leaves the skin
stripped and dry. But, this one
has salicylic acid and is great at

4. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 

I dont know why I didnt try this sooner ! 
I thought that these cheap sort of conditioners wouldnt work well with my hair type. 
But, to my surprise it makes my hair so 
freaking soft and moisturized. It works
almost better than some of my 
$15 hair masks ! On days when my 
hair feels really dry I dont use shampoo. 
I wash and massage my scalp with 
this conditioner instead and then follow 
with a second round of it to finish off.
Love it ! 

5. Maybelline Pink Please Lipstick

One of my most worn lipsticks this year. 
Goes with every look. Its sort of a 
understated dusty pink. I love the way
it feels on my lips as well.  It goes on
your lips a lighter, more attractive color 
than what it looks like in the tube. 

6. Etude House Black Head Pond Patch
(found on ebay)

Omg - if you have those pesky clogged 
pores on your nose these things will 
be your best friend ! Of course everyone
has heard of Biore pore strips but the 
thing is ... these work even better !
They are black so you can see what 
comes out even more. They have a smell
that you gotta get used to but it doesnt 
bother me. 

7. Loreal Go 360 Clean (Sensitive Skin) 

Absolutely love this. I keep repurchasing 
it over and over.Cant live without it ! 
The formula of this one is like a mix between 
a gel and cream cleanser. I love the 
consistency and light fresh smell. It doesnt 
irritate my skin at all and the scrublet 
is a complete plus.I wouldnt have even 
given it a try if it didnt come with that,
actually.Its soooo useful for removing
traces of makeup stuck in your pores.
LOVE this product.

8. Mandom Green Tea Facial Wash 
(found on sasa) 

I like to use 2 face washes at night. 
First the Loreal one and then this. 
It has tiny tiny exfoliating particles 
inside of it which makes your skin
feel so nice. The exfoliating particles
foam up into this lovely rich face wash
which just feels so amazingly refreshing 
when you rinse it off. Usually I get tired
of the way exfoliating face washes feel
on my skin...they always feel a tad too 
harsh. But, I absolutely love this particular
one and I cant wait to use it when I go home. 
Its so nice ! 

9. Seche Vite

As you know I do my nails a lot...Seche Vite
makes my life so much easier. I do still
have to wait for a few mins so I dont smudge 
my designs but not as long as I would
have to with other top coats. It sets the polish 
from the bottom to the top. Many fast drying 
top coats only make the polish dry to the 
touch but not set.  The other thing 
I love about is that it really brings out the
shine of glittery polishes. This is an 
added bonus. It makes the glitter look 
so much more shiny. 
Well, it gives a great gloss to all polish really.
It also seals in rhinestones super well.
I never have them fall off when I use this. 

10. MAC - Carbon Eyeshadow

I use this everyday. I like to use it for
tight-lining and setting my eyeliner.
Its a perfect, simple matte black which is so
useful for many looks. It intensifies 
eyeshadow looks & can create a nice 
smokey eye. If you click 
"Cheapest Glamorous Smokey Eye Tutorial" you can see Queenie 
use only this shadow and nothing 
else to create a look. 


So yeah, those are my top 10 beauty
products that I loved this past year.
I recommend them all ! 
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