Nail Polish Rack !

The following photos make me so 
freaking happy ! I find joy
in many small occurrences in life.
I get overly excited extremely easily ...
and this is one of those times.
Today I came into work to find a big 
bag on my desk. I opened it and found
this freaking nail polish rack !
My friend who works at a store that
carries various stuff including nail polish
gave it to me as the store didnt need
 it anymore. I think its slightly crooked 
or something so they didnt want it.

But O-M-G. Its perfect.
You guys saw the ghetto container
I used to store my polishes in...well
I guess Im moving up in the world.
HA ! 

Its an OPI Rack by the way.
The slight OCD inside of me makes me
want to fill the rack with all OPI but
I shall restrain myself !  Lol ! 

You can find racks like this or even
 bigger on ebay though...
Try searching 'nail polish rack'

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