NAILS April Cover : Behind The Scenes

Viv Simmonds and myself working on hand model Tracee King at NAILS
It was a spring "Bird" theme
Viv working on left hand focusing on the colors of earth and plants. She made a fairy and a humming bird that I absolutely love, it was adorable !
I was working on the colors of the skies. I made colorful birds and texture of feathers 
The end result was a complementary design of birds in the skies and on earth, assimilated into nature.
 We usually start with an idea, and talk about colors and concept, but we never know how the end result would be until we finish working on the nails.Viv and I really love working together this way and the end result almost always turns out to be a pleasant surprise.
Gina was also at Nails doing another cover which will be out sometime soon. The 3 of us had such a blast together and she was our tour guide in L.A :) :) (that's another story....)
Vu the professional photographer expertly captures the essence of our designer nails....(thank you Vu!)
The awesome NAILS team behind the scenes
The end result !
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