World Championship In Dusseldorf

National champions representing 25 countries compete in Dusseldorf in gel and acrylic categories 

It's an honour to partake in the Internationale Nail Meisterschaft in Dusseldorf (screen) in the Gel Category and made it to top 10 amongst 25 countries
I thank my team for their enormous support and assistance that made this possible especially following the hiccups during competition "o)
Asia has never won this championship yet, the only Asian who won this championship was Trang Nguyen, but he represented the USA.
 It is our dream to see an Asian flag make it to top 3 one day ~
Successors of International Nail Meisterschaft, David Fowler and Stephanie presenting a farewell gift to Tina Werle (outgoing founder & organizer) in an emotional moment
The competition floor in action
My lovely hand model, Amanda
The top 3 winners in the Gel French category : 1st-Latvia, 2nd-Hungary, 3rd-Germany
The top 3 winners in the Acrylic French category : 1st-Hungary, 2nd-Norway, 3rd-Russia
Great times, great company !
(L-R : Regine, me, SongSiEun & Trang Nguyen)
L-R : Amy Becker, me & Carla Collier
Berry Shum (green scarf) - Congrats! She was also in Top 10 in the acrylic category and the first Malaysian to represent her country in Dusseldorf.
These ONS Germany girls Rocks !

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