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As a general rule, I detest pictures taken of me. There are only a handful of photos that have been taken of me that I can A. tolerate or B. actually like. Oddly, Adam Bird has taken 90% of them. I've known Adam for years, we've been friends since my college days when I dated his friend, and Adam shocked my roommate and I by climbing the balcony to our second floor apartment. Adam is an extremely unique individual (the very sort I prefer to surround myself with), a phenomenally talented photographer, and someone I count among my closet friends. Last weekend, I went back to Michigan because he was getting married, and it was a great time seeing everyone. (AND getting Yesterdog!!) The day after, when Chris and I went by Adam's studio so Chris could fully submerse himself in photography nerdiness, Adam decided he wanted to take pictures of the two of us, and that he did. What you see below is a small portion of the product of that 10 minutes of photographic genius.

Adam is one of those rare photographers that can capture someone's insides. Their soul, their emotions, and something very important to me, the exact feeling of what is going on at the moment that shutter closes. He took one of my (and my family's) most prized photographs, a photo of my grandfather and I at my sister's wedding, which was just a month before he passed away.

Anyway. If you need photographs, wedding, portrait, fashion, artistic, anything, Adam is someone I would recommend VERY highly. He never asked me to make this post, honestly, other than my posting of his photos (of course I asked him permission!!) he has no idea I am writing this post. Take some time- hit up his website, his blog, and if you want photos- HIM!

His website:

Adam Bird Photo

His Wedding Site:

Adam Bird Weddings

Amazing. I love him! :)

Beware: Goofball pictures ahead!

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