Can someone pass me a drink?

Okay, could the past few days have been any worse, well of course yes, but at the time, it felt as though I was having the worst weekend EVER!  To start off, thanks Blogger, thanks for not only not posting my scheduled post, but for deleting all the content!! So here is what I did, I knew my weekend was full of craziness, and I would not have any time on the computer this weekend. So I went ahead and actually created post and had them scheduled, from Friday till Monday morning. Well, when Blogger was throwing it's fit on Friday, it decided it would make sure those post didn't happen, oh but don't worry, as you can see, it just removed Thursdays post, and re-posted it on Friday, *sigh* ummm...yeah, great. Then I just wasn't feeling good at all yesterday, and my computer has also now refused to work. I have no idea what it is, a virus, or what, but it might even be a few more days till I get going again. I do apologize to you guys, and it's driving me crazy to go so long without posting. I just hope to be back up and running within this week.
Hope you all had a better weekend than me!
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