My comfort zone = black tips :)

Morning everyone!! I was in the mood for a semi basic black tip french mani, but wanted to add a tad umph to it, so on my out the door I grabbed one of my fave things, my Big Ruby nail tattoos. I started with a base of OPI Bubble Bath, because in my rush, I couldn't locate my regular go to base. OMG, on a side note, you would all gasp in horror if you saw my stash right now. In all my chaos, it looks as though a bunch of 3 year olds have been playing in it *hangs head* I do plan on getting it cleaned up, once all the birthdays have ended. Well, more organized, and hopefully start pulling some things for my first blog sale :) Okay, so anyways, back to the mani.

Here is 2 coats of Bubble Bath

I then taped off the tips, and used Wet n' Wild black. Since I'm wearing a coral shirt, I decided to use the coral seahorse, from the Sea collection of the tattoos. I love the way it turned out. So simple, yet so me :)

Oh and since it was my boss's b-day, I picked him up some balloons and goodies from the bakery, and saw this pretty little arrangement that I HAD to buy for myself, lol. It def cheered me up :) PS - I will be removing that IMO, awful bow when I get home :P

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