Oooohhhh Aaaahhhhh

Morning! I wanted to let you all know, which I forgot to mention in my last post, that I will not be posting daily, for now. Things are still just so busy with work and family. Summer seems to be craziest. Anyways, I will try and at least post every other day.

I had gone to Five Below a few weeks ago and saw some Mood Struck, mood changing polishes, and picked a few out. This is one of them. I'm so impressed with it! Even in the bottle you could see the bright turquoise shimmer. I couldn't wait to try it. The application was amazing, and you could still see all the shimmer on the nail.

Here it is with just 2 coats

Then I headed into the bathroom, so I could show you all the magic :)
Then I ran cold water over my pointer and middle finger. This is where the Ooooohhhh and Aaaahhhh comes into play. This just might be my fave mood polish. I love both colors so much!
 Then I ran cold water over them all. 
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