Team Alex

As you know already I have lots and lots and lots of nail polish.  I don't care what brand I buy from low-end to high-end.  I need to stop but I'm such an addict.  I have so much that my storage plastic bins are crying telling me please no more I can't handle it anymore. Lol! :P

I also have 2 Melmers that are 3 drawers each.  I stacked them to look like a Helmer and they are full.  Melmer is not the correct name for them, it's the name the nailboard call them since it's not a Helmer from Ikea.  Melmers are from Michael's Craft Store. (I really don't know the correct name for them. )  I was thinking about buying more Melmers, but don't want to buy 10 of them. Lol!  Most of the ladies on  Makeupally/nailboard have Helmers.  For some reason they just don't appeal to me maybe because it's metal and looks like an old file cabinet.

Edit:  Here is blogger AllThingsNails picture of the Melmer located on the right side:  The correct name is here

A  nailboarder VVV showed her pictures of the Alex from Ikea. (Thanks VVV)  She showed side by side pictures of the Helmer and the Alex.( Her post is here.)   I was sold on the Alex because it's tall and holds way more polish then the Melmer and Helmer .  I told my daughter-in-law about the Alex and she had my son go and get her one.  She called me over to her house and when I stepped in the room I screamed, literally! Lol!  So, I must get one, or two maybe three :D  It's really sturdy just like a nice piece of furniture.  I don't think it's real wood but it's solid.

Yesterday, nailboarder KonadTheBarbarian was making buttons for Team Helmer, so I asked for Team Alex! Lol! Here is my button. It's now at the bottom of my right side bar. Thanks Ktb :D

 How do you store your nail polish stash, Plastic Shoe boxes, Plastic Sterlites, Melmers, Helmers or the Alex?  Please share.

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