Artificial Nails - Myts and Reality

There are many ways to grow up your nails' length. The difference is in the materials used by the master: gel, acrylics, porcelain, silk, linen and even crystal (!) . The price for this procedure ranges depending on the chosen material and technology used.

The most popular are the acrylic and the gel nails: they are stronger than the other, and look natural. The process itself (i.e. simulation) of such nails is done on tips (attachable plastic or other material with the shape of the nail) or on a special pattern - when the material is modeled on a special form paper covered with teflon.

Lets get to know some facts about artificial nails' lengthening.
Myth 1: Once the procedure is always the same, there's no difference where and to whom to go to lengthen nails.

Reality: Nail art can be described without exaggeration as a high skill item, but, only with the condition of a qualified master. You can go to a super-cool salon, make nails for $500 and a few days later lose forever not only the artificial, but your natural nails too.
And on the contrary, the master engaged in applying artificial nails at home for $25 can make not only a work of art, but health-improving procedures for your nails. The nails-master has preferably to be tested (and recommended) by someone (whom you trust).

Myth 2: Acrylics are better than gel, and vice versa.

Reality: The war between acrylics and gel continues not the first year. Indeed gel and acryl belong to the same chemical group. the conclusion: acrylics is not better than gel and gel is not better than acrylics!

Myth 3: Artificial nails have harmful effects.
Reality: While wearing artificial nails, natural nails are protected and not exposed to any external bad conditions!

In most cases, the permanent possession of "fake" nails, even damaged natural nail, growths the right direction and shape and stops stratifying, might acquire an aesthetically look.

Important: For women suffering from diabetes, skin diseases, acute arthritis, circulatory disorders, fungus infection on nails, undergoing chemo / radio-therapy at the moment, and, of course, pregnant women, Applying artificial nails is not recommended ! ! !

Myth 4: Artificial nails break fast.

Reality: In fact arificial nails are very strong and very hard to break, of course if they are done with quality materials and by good master. Exceptions: excessive hand sweatiness, pregnancy, receiving hormonal drugs (including contraceptives). So if the material begins to exfoliate, crumble or stick up at all -look for the problem in the master or your health.

Myth 5: If artificial nails are so cool, we could have them permanently on.

Reality: Although fake nails do not harm your health and beauty, they need to be periodically removed. On average, if having them constantly, artificial nails need to be removed every 2-4 years for a period of 2 weeks to 3 months.

The "break" duration depends on the individual growth speed of the nails. During this period the nails' plate has to renew fully. This procedure is necessary because natural nails in the procces of "growing" are filed.

Remember, if you decide to get artificial nails, the manicure should be done at least three days before the procedure.
For artificial nails even the cheapest nail polish can stay on about 2 weeks.
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