Nail Strengthening Oil

What are nails? Nails are proteins whose structure is similar to that of the hair. They grow in their top end where under the soft arched cuticles new cells are formed. They "shove" down the nail constantly renewing it. Normally, when the organism is in a healthy state, they grow about 4mm monthly. Biting the nails, tearing the cuticles as well as stress, can stimulate the nails' growth. And on the contrary: bad health and inferior nutrition can delay it. Obviously, the nails' condition is one criteria for the internal health of the organism. Their brightness, easy splitting, white spots, rough cuttings, and lack of brilliance - indicate a disorder in the organism. Add the frequent contact with different kinds of detergents, chemicals, inappropriate nail polishes, nail polish cleaners, bad working conditions and all the unfavorable effects of the environment, there is no doubt: our nails are subjected to more severe trials than the nature has foreseen!

What to do? Our first steps refer to our nutrition and the regular reception of complex vitamins and micro-elements (especially in winter and spring). The most important of them is biotin (vitamin of B-group) and Vitamin C. It is also important to avoid factors causing stress. In this way we help our organism to keep a healthy status and consequently "produce" healthier and more beautiful nails.

How does Nail Strengthening Oil work? First of all it is a barrier. Being a blend of almond oil and five essential oils, it stimulates the growth (rosemary oil), keeps a normal level of moisture and vitalize the cells (eucalyptus and almond oil). The three citrus oils -lemon, grapefruit and citronella are the perfect combination for general care of the nails. As all citrus oils are sensitive to UV rays, avoid the disposition of the nails to the sun or artificial rays. Lecithin, Vitamin E and Vitamin C as natural antioxidants have been added to stabilize the product and prevent it from oxidizing, at the same time improving its action to the nails.

How to use it? Use a small brush To apply the oil on the nail and around cuticle. Massage the skin around the nail until the oil is completely absorbed. Leave for at least 20 minutes. After that you can wipe it, but it is not necessarily to wash the oil as it it not harmful for the health. If you want to put polish on the nails, carefully wipe them off with a cotton fabric.

The massage stimulates and improves the blood circulation around the nail this way improving the "feeding up" of the cells that produce the new nails.
It is recommended to use a nail strengthening oil daily, or at least 2-3 times a week and soon you will see the results. The whole nails will be renewed in about 6 months.

The beautiful nails are not only a natural "decoration"; they are the evidence of our body's health!
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