The Longest Nails Owners

Chayllala Sridhara, a resident of India, has the total length of nails of 6 meters 15 centimeters, making it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Sridhara has long nails only on his left hand, on the right one they are usual. The desire to grow his fingernails came to Sridhara at a young age - he wanted to do something that will surprise everyone (and he succeeded).

Once, after reading about a Chinese guy with long nails, he thought that "… could do that too and get into the record book." Growing such long fingernails is no easy task. He said: "Over the past 48 years my nails brought me a lot of inconvenience. It is difficult to sleep, and I had to do everything with the right arm. I had to walk, write, ride a bicycle, but I achieved what I wanted. "

But, if Sridhara has long nails only on his left hand, Lee Redmond - a resident of Salt Lake City in the United States, has long nails on both hands! "In the distant 1979" - says Lee Redmond - "I had too little time to take care of them." And now, 29 years later, her fingernails grew to the point that hit the Guinness Book of World Records.

Her record officially is registered as the longest nails on the hands. And, as Lee says, the nails absolutely do not hinder her to cook, clean, wash dishes and take care of her husband, suffering from Alzheimer disease. Her nails are so unusual that, at times, frighten children. The length of her nails is not more or less than 33 inches or 84 centimeters! To keep nails in the proper form, Lee cleans them with a toothbrush, makes constantly the manicure and, once a week, arranges for a special nail tub of warm solution and enhancing olive oil.

Here is one funny video with her. Enjoy!

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