Caring After Artificial Nails

After artificial lengthening, the nails require a careful care. First, of course, you need to get used to manipulate ordinary things with them: fasten buttons, open machines' doors, click on the keys on the keyboard, etc. Avoid strikes - they can damage your fingernails, perform all the household work in rubber gloves. Also It is good to have in the purse the glue for nails - the generated for some reason crack can always be sticked up, saving the fingernail till correction.

The program of care for artificial nails:

* Use the basic coverage under the varnish;
* For nail painting better use professional varnish that does not contain acetone;
* Use upper lacquer coating on;
* Remove the varnish without liquid acetone, but with oil base solution;
* Use oil for nails and cuticle, combining with polishing (it makes more durable artificial surface to mechanical influences);
* Apply lotion and cream on the skin of hands;
* If wanted, artificial nails can be filled with a small-grinded (never iron!) file.
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