Nails and Smoking

We can not conclude the discussion about the health of the nails, as well as health in general, without mentioning the harm caused on us by smoking. Of course, smoking is not so quick to change the appearance of nails, like fungal infections or the habit to bite the nails do. But if you smoke, sooner or later it will affect the status of your nails.

How smoking affects the nails? The nails protect many capillaries - small blood vessels that deliver oxygen rich blood to the nail. Nicotine contained in tobacco contributes to the narrowing of these vessels, reducing the flow of oxygen to the nail and its matrix. Deoxygenated nail becomes loose and grayish. Nail growth is slowing. You are not frightened? Then I should add that nicotine colors the nail, and the smell of tobacco persistsin the skin of the hands. The prospect is not the best, is it?

Ugly yellow nails - this is not the main reason that compels reasonable people to give up smoking. If smoking so worsens the condition of nails, imagine what damage it causes the body as a whole. If you want to stay healthy, abstain from this harmful habit.
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