Why the hands and nails need water

Soaking your nails with water, you weaken their structure. In your own experience, you probably have already ascertained that the skin also suffers from water, especially in combination with detergents. However, the tissue of healthy skin and nails contain natural moisture, without which the nails become brittle, and the skin- pale, rough and cracked.

In order for your nails to remain elastic, and for elastic skin, during the day you should drink plenty of water. Most nutritionists recommend to consume 6-8 glasses of water daily. You can observe from the color of urine, whether you drink a sufficient amount of water.

Dark yellow urine indicates that you should drink more. If the urine is very light, similar to ordinary water, it means you drink too much. Of course, weight and physical activity, as well as the time of year affect the body's need for fluids.
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