Hair Dyed Nail Polish?

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a quick fun post about something I discovered the other day. I only had some week-old nail stregthener on my nails when I decided to dye my hair its trademark red color. When I finished washing the dye out of my hair, I noticed that my nails looked stained! I had forgotten that I had put nail stregthener on my nails and I thought that I had stained the crap out of them. Turns out that my natural nails were fine, but the dye had stained the strengthener. I took this picture in kind of crappy lighting and after a day it had faded significantly, but you can still see it a bit, especially if you look at the cuticle gap. I don't know, I just thought it was something funny to share! :)
Post title : Hair Dyed Nail Polish?
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