Why Do Nails Get "Sick"

Nails are composed of several layers of dead cells, which themselves do not get sick. But the substances that contact with the nails (often cosmetic, destined to improve the nails), may irritate the tissue surrounding a nail, which leads to a deterioration of their appearance. Moreover, poor general health, as well as some bad habits such as smoking, can cause discoloration of the nail, splitting nails and many other problems. 

How does the overall state of health affect our nails
Many serious diseases can be diagnosed by analyzing the nails. Very pale nail is often a sign of anemia, while the bluish nail shows cardiovascular system illness or the lungs'. In these cases, the body is under
anoxemia. Kidney, thyroid, liver and pituitary bad condition can also lead to a change in color of the nails. In some forms of arthritis, involving inflammation of the joints of the fingers, the nails may split, and the small spots can indicate psoriasis.
In each of these cases, you need to see a specialist and treat the main disease. Often at the beginning of treatment, for example, after you have started taking iron supplements for anemia, the appearance of nails improves.

Fungal infections
Nails affected by fungal infection is quite common. Under certain conditions, fungal spores attach to the cells of the nail tissue, feeding on keratin and penetrating more deeply. Struck by a fungus- the nail thickens, changes color and texture. This infection can develop initially at one side of the nail, for example at the tip or the base, and then capture the entire area of the nail. Over time, a fungal infection can move to other nails, and can infect another person. If you do not take appropriate measures, to the end the nail fungus will cause flaking of the nail bed, and you will lose the nail.
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