I recently attended a Young nails acrylic Imagination Nail Art Class. It was amazing! The class was taught by owner Greg Salo. This is a picture of me with him. If you are a nail tech you have to find out how you can attend a Young nails acrylic class. They are awesome and Greg is too much fun..... they are the shit!

These are some amazing nails acrylic done by Krizia. She is a Young nails acrylic educator and she is amazing!

I actually had a dream about these nails acrylic before I did them. Sometimes I get little nail art ideas going in my head and it is so nice when I have a fabulous client that will let me just get it out of my system. It was actually a relief to finally do these nails acrylic so I could quit thinking about them. I'm crazy I know. The cool zebra confetti on the middle finger is from youngnails.com. I created the snake skin using into you netting from young nails acrylic also.

These may be the craziest nails acrylic I have ever done. I used a glitter from sparklesnailproducts.com in All Mixed Up.

These are last chance nails acrylic. Let me explain.... these are my sister-in-laws nails acrylic and she will be having a baby in two days. So I did her nails acrylic today and she did my hair. Who knows when she'll have time to get her nails acrylic done again with a newborn. Hopefully it will be a good baby and sleep lots so mom can still pamper herself. :)

These are my nails acrylic. I don't do my own nails acrylic because I like to spoil myself but I wanted to show off how cute they are!

This color is from young nails acrylic metallic collection. I added little silver diamonds as an accent.

This is gel polish on toes with some fun silver stars. I absolutely love the gel polish on toes. It doesn't chip! The gel polish lasts on toes for an average of 4-5 weeks. Love it!

Another simple design with silver circles as an accent. Sometimes simple is fabulous darling!
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