Cool Canadian in Japan : )

Not sure if you guys have seen 'Ciaela' on youtube
She is awesomeness !
She gave me the inspiration to go back to
studying korean in 'hard-core mode' as i like to say ^ ^ 

Im currently on Chapter 3 of my self study book.
Im using the "Teach Yourself Korean" book 
by Mark Vincent & Jaehoon Yeon.
Im not sure if its good for complete beginners 
because I think I would be super confused if I 
didnt have a basic grip on the language.
But, Im really learning a lot. 
Along with things you can find on the internet
as well as iphone apps if you have one...these days
learning another language is not that difficult.
It just takes time and memorization : ) 
Anyway, go to your local bookstore and see
what they have or can order for you if you
are interested in learning another language ! 
I started back up a few days ago. 

'Ciaela' can speak Japanese fluently &
has a Japanese bf !
She has an adorable little apartment in Fukuoka, Japan 
and gosh Im so jealous that she lives there : )
That must be so amazing ! Japan is so lovely ! 
I first found her from the youtube japan awards link 
that I have below in an older post : )
Check her out ^ ^ 
Also - Bobbyjudo on youtube is a cool guy 
living in Japan as well. 

Skip to 1:42 if you wanna get to the 
important advice bit : )

I just thought I'd share since it
fits in with my previous blog
post on following your dreams.

I firmly believe that in order to have the motivaiton
to do certain things - you gotta have a goal.
It can be several mini goals. But, having some sort 
of plan is totally necessary to actively make your 
dreams come true ! Write things in your calendar,
diary, blog etc and complete the mini goals
toward your large one ! 

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