Fade Facial Scars

Omgggg - Im in love with Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.
If you go to get one make sure you 
are getting the one that says 'Clinical' because 
there is another one that has a similar name. 
My mother & grandmother both use it and 
they have like multiple backups in their
closets. I always wondered what the big 
deal was.

Thing is - in my country this product flies 
off the shelves even before it can be placed
on the shelves of the store that carries it.
Because its so popular - the manufacturers in 
the U.S wont even allow the store 
here in Bermuda to import over a certain 
amount each time. So, there is a waiting list...
as in you call in or write your name down on this freaking paper specifically for this product. 
I was like 'Are you kidding me ?! ' 

I thought it was for older womens 'liver spots' 
But, the other day I had run out of my
Vichy night  cream. I had a bunch of new 
spots on my face from a reaction to 
a gingery drink I know I shouldn't have.  
But, it was around Christmas and I gave in.
As a result I was left with more darned 
scars from the breakout. So, I needed a 
night cream - I went in my moms room & 
grabbed one of her various Clinique lotions. 
I didnt really care which one I just wanted to
put something on my face for the night.
I randomly grabbed the brown spot corrector 
and O-M-G. The next morning I noticed a 
difference ! I was like ' What the hell ! ' 
I had to do a double take in the mirror.
My scars have never faded that quickly
after only one night ! I kept trying it 
after that day on some old scars and 
they are gradually getting better as well.

I totally love this product now !
I just saw that it was one of 
Marie Claire's 25 Beauty Picks for 2010.
Its around $50 - $60 bucks. 
Kind of pricey but it works ! 
Guess I gotta go and put my 
freaking name on the list too... 
: ) 
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