Lovely Lipstick

Im loving Revlons "Prim-Rose " Lipstick !
Its a creme formula and it goes on so 
natural and creamy ! 
In the photo below I have it next to
Macs " Snob "  I actually prefer the Revlon
one as the Mac one looks almost too 
pasty on the lips. I dont know how to 
explain it. The revlon one just
looks more subtle and complimentary.
When I saw it in the tube at the store
I was worried it would show up on my
lips like the Mac one ... but it didnt ! 
Its a pinkish color, no shimmer
with just a hint of lilac.
It does look very similar to "Snob "
But, it goes on much better and its 
more moisturizing ! 
I love drugstore lipsticks !

The revlon one is in the gold tube : 

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