China Glaze Crackle Polishes

So Im sure you guys have seen the OPI 
Crackle Polish that came out with Katy Perry's collection. There are lots of demo's 
on youtube using it and  it creates a really
 cool effect. However there is only
 one color - black. OPI is not the first 
to bring out crackle polishes
but OPI is a brand that is easily 
available world wide.
Then I heard China glaze was coming
out with crackle polishes of different colors
 this month and I got so excited !
China glaze is more affordable than OPI
and with this color selection its sure
to be a big trend for Spring !

 The colors are :

 Lightning Bolt – White
 Cracked Concrete – Grey
Black Mesh – Black
 Crushed Candy –  Teal/Blue
 Broken Hearted – Pink
 Fault Line – Purple

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