Haute Couture

Haute Couture literally means high fashion. It is a fancy expression for made-to-order clothing and only 14 brands in the world qualify. The brands that make couture have to invest in the best designers, materials and craftsmen, and precious few people can afford to buy the results. Why do they do it ? Because it's the highest example of fashion as art - a chance for designers to showcase their most imaginative creations, unburdened by ideas of what's practical, commercial and saleable. And when you see the clothes in real life,you will understand why. The designs are elaborate, the construction - flawless. The fabrics are visibly luxurious and expensive. The colours are rich, vivid and multi-toned. If you can produce couture, it means you're among the best.
To me, couture nails are the same. They are every nail artist's dream, to be able to create without any boundaries and unlimited posibilities using the best materials and technology available to us. Made-to-order nails for every occassion and express art in a miniature wearable form.
Fashion and beauty are inextricaby linked. Nail technicians should not just be limited and contented with caring for people's hands and feet but they should be able to play an active role in the world of fashion and  explore their skill and talent beyond just a manicure, pedicure and a polish job !

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