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Caring for hands and feet nails is not only a must for our beauty, but also very important for our health. The most beautiful, graceful hand can get bad image if it has bad cared, untidy nails. Proper care of the nails helps maintaining their health, hiding their deficiencies.

Once a week it is necessarily to dedicate half an hour to your manicure. If you have a good set, it will make it easy, even if you are not professional. You have to purchase a good file with a special sputtered surface. But scissors and metal skin file is not recommended to use.

It is also recommended to acquire special "orange" sticks, which can help us easily postpone the skin from nails after a brief warm bath. Cutting up this skin with scissors should not be done in any way, as the only result will be the skin growing constantly and becoming thicker and look more and more unattractive. This skin should be removed using special lotions, which also slow its growth.

Poor quality nail polish or its frequent use, the use of different solvents or acetone to remove polishes, all these cause our nails to become dry and brittle. It is better to use special polish nail remover liquid for getting rid of the polish from your nails. It cleans easily the varnish residues from the nail without irritating the skin, and they usually contain vitamins and special supplements to strengthen the skin around the nail.

Be careful with artificial nails. If you wear them improperly, they can cause fungus infection, which causes the nails discoloring and in the end they get thicker losing their form. For such diseases to cure, it can take six months or more.

Your nails are your business card. Every person should have nice, clean fingernails, including men.
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