Lets Strenghten Our Nails

Nail Strengthening is one of the critical elements of care for nails. In this era of all-powerful washing powders and numerous tools for washing, the nails - if mistreated - suffer first - they are stratifying, become fragile and brittle. But they must be strong, resilient and of pink color.

Strengthening of the nails begins with prophylactic procedures. Ideally would be to limit the contact of the hands with cleaning solutions to the minimum. It's fairly easy to do, always use gloves performing household work, preliminarily lubricating the hands with a cream.

But the base for strength nails is the intake of vitamins and micro-elements, and of course, calcium (required, together with vitamin D). For this, the daily meals should also include almonds and dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese). Also fish and red meat (iron), carrot juice (vitamin A) and spinach (iodine).

Strengthening nails includes supplying them with nail oil or therapeutic cream for cuticle moisture. When applying oil to nail, pay attention to the nails' contour and cuticles, rubbing the moisture on the nail basis with circular movements of the other hand thumb. The composition of ready funds to strengthen nails very varied. Allantoin and pantenol effectively heals the cuticles, especially after cutting them. The nails growth is fastened by liposome and nutrients that encourage the formation of new cell growth in the zone nail plate. Also the creams may contain keratin and sulfur amino acids, proteins and vitamin C, which help to strengthen nails and improve their resistance to the harmful effects of the environment.

For strengthening your nails by your own at home it is useful to use olive oil, adding a few drops of lemon juice - its has a lot of very valuable vitamins to strengthen nails.Apply the oil drops 1-2 times a week.

Also the nails gain more strength after regular massaging, giving them hardness and elasticity. Massage the cuticle area with a very soft brush, previously moistures with glycerin soap. This causes a soft peeling, detracting from the cuticle and skin dead cells preventing the formation of unaesthetic cracks. Particularly useful in combination with massage are the little baths with sea salt, which also contains a wealth of minerals and iodine with an ideal ratio, do it three times a week. Only use sea or oceanic salt without aromatic additives. Dissolve one tea spoon of salt in warm water and hold the hands in the solution for 20 minutes. The procedure is repeated for 10 days successively. After a month, it can be done again.

If you are seriously concerned about the problem of strengthening nails, try to reconsider your views on manicure, giving up to the option of trimming manicure and to the rough metal file, it is better to have modern variants of glass files. Manicure needs to be done regularly, at least once a week or 2. To remove varnish use solutions without acetone. And do not forget that the nails need to periodically rest from varnish, even the high-quality one- in rhythm of 2 days every 5 days of painted nails. Sometimes you can use instead of the color polish, the curative polish, which is called Strengthening polish. It protects nails from the harmful effects of the environment, helps making the fragile and thin nail plate more robust. It looks like colorless polish. Then it can be used as a nourishing base (2-3 layers), under the decorative manicure.
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