Ten Tips For A Long Lasting Manicure

How many times it happened to you... After less than one day from making your manicure (for what you are so proud), you notice the nail polish peeling off. You correct the problem, but it's not for long time - it happens again and again, and at last you have to make it from the beginning. Of course this spoils your mood. Here are some easy tips on how to make your manicure last longer.
  • Keep your nails short. The longer they are , the more exposed to breaking they are, especially when compared to the short nails.
  • Take care of your cuticles. If you cover the skin around the nails with polish, it will dry out and begin to chip unaesthetic, having the risk of little bleedings. Therefore, before applying the polish collide a bit the skin with a cosmetic stick. Do not cut this skin, as in time it becomes thicker.
  • Before applying a new layer of polish, clean your nails. Never apply the nail polish on the old layer. The nail can be overloaded and it is only a matter of time till the polish layer will crack.
  • Use a colorless nail polish as a base. This way the article will be better fixed and last longer.
  • Every polish layer has to be the thiner possible - and for every instance, it is not recommended to apply more than 2 layers (not counting the base colorless layer).
  • Make sure the first nail polish layer is well dry before applying the second layer. It will settle much more aesthetic and evenly.
  • When applying the base (protective) polish, don't forget the area under the nail ( on the finger tip). The nail tops will strengthen and become less liable to breaking.
  • Get rid of the very old varnish - even if you still like its shade. In time, the varnish ( nail polish) begins to thicken, getting a viscous consistence. An "extreme" solution would be to add a few drops of colorless polish (not dissolving solution!)
  • Avoid long lasting contact of hands with water. Use the protecting glove in the kitchen and do not stay under shower more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  • As a general rule, the mother-of-pearl lasts less comparing to the other polishes.
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