SPA - Manicure

For those who do not want their hands to show their age, it suits perfectly to use preparations containing dissolved keramides. They not only abate the skin, but also help to restore the elasticity, moisturize and rejuvenate it, and also performs a soft and effective peeling. The procedure is as pleasant as it is useful: all kinds of aromatic additives transforms it in an aromatherapy session, which is always good for the overall state of health. At the ending of the SPA-manicure process, a relaxing massage of hands is done - it will help to discard the fatigue and stress, as well as lift the mood.

The of implementation of SPA - manicure

1. Remove the the old varnish from the nails.
2. Using a nail file, give the desired form to the nails (procedure in no case should be done on wet fingernails, this can lead to their stratifying). File should be on the basis of cardboard or rubber, iron file is a yesterday story. If you have strong nails, it can be used the boldly sandy or sapphire file. If you can not boast with such nails, preferred are the fine-grained files with a semicircle form and buffer zone, which will file the nail and preserve its structure.
3. Emolliate the cuticles and soften the hand skin with a special remedy, which is included in the SPA - manicure kit.
4. For the preliminary treatment of cuticles - use special means for further softening, and the partial removal of cuticle.
5. For removing cuticles you can use the classic or European method of doing it.
6. Superficial peeling - Apply the agent that produces superficial surface peeling of the old skin cells and prepares it for advanced peeling.
7. Advanced or chemical peeling - at this stage on the hand skin is applied the solution, responsible for the chemical peeling and is followed by a 2 - 3 minutes massage. At this stage occurs moisturizing, healing small cracks, nutrition and softening of the hand-skin.
8. To strengthen the peeling process, the paraffinotherapy can be done for 20 minutes.
9. The massage and deep moisturizing - with the help of a special cream, is done the hand till elbow massage. This stage gives the hand skin elasticity and smoothness. The components that make up the cram have a protective function for the skin of the hands, creating a thin membrane, which retains the moisture on the hands surface.
10. Give a healthy shine to the surface of nails with a polish.
11. If you wish, you can apply a strengthening nail polish, a curative mean or colored polish.

The Advantages of SPA - Manicure
  • SPA- Manicure is a comprehensive care, which includes high-quality moisturizing and mitigation for hands, gentle, but effective peeling, supplying the skin with natural vitamins and keramides.
  • SPA- Manicure is a carry from routine to a world of luxury and bliss. This elite procedure allows any hands to be well-groomed. Aromatherapy odor give the manicure refinement and originality.
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