The Classic Manicure - Technique Of Implementation

The classic manicure is the most common type of manicure. The use of water in the manicure procedures allows us to call it "wet" manicure.

Techniques of implementation for the classic manicure

1. Remove the rest of the old varnish.
2. Using a nail file, give the desired shape to the nails (the procedure in no case should be done on wet fingernails, this can lead to their stratifying). The file should be on the basis of cardboard or rubber, iron nail file is a yesterday story. If you have strong nails, it can be used the boldly sandy or sapphire file. If you can not boast with such nails, preferred are the fine-grained files.
3. Soak the hands in the vessel with a special solution that should soften the cuticle, preparing it for removal, and to provide a calming and relaxing effect on the skin of the whole hand for 5 min. An easy but very useful for the nails is the option - sea salt solution. The components can be more interesting and exotic.
4. After the softening bath, the cuticle is removed with the help of manicure pincher.
5. The barb abrasion is made with manicure scissors.
6. With easy massage movements rub in the nutritious oil or cream for the skin of hands and cuticles.
7. Give the nails a healthy shine with a burnisher.
8. If desired, you can apply on nails a strengthening solution or a nail polish.

Advantages of classic manicure
  • the procedure is very simple and is fairly fast
  • this is the only acceptable method, if hands are badly neglected.
Disadvantages of classic manicure
  • in its process it is very likely to injury the cuticle, and thus the probability of any infection.
The classic manicure is good use as "ambulance" for the nail in any condition. But if you still find the strength to maintain uninterrupted beauty for your favorite hands, it is worth trying other types manicure.
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