Nail Care: Protecting The Nails

Nail protecting is realized by applying on the nail plate surface a waterproof cover, which isolates them from the bad effects of water and mud. The hygienic lipstick made on the wax basis performs this function excellent. Of course, you may look strange at the fact that I propose to use the lipstick to protect the nails, but it is the best you can think of. It is inexpensive and a very effective way to care for the nails.

In order to reliably protect your nails, use a lipstick that contains additives that protect lips from UV radiation. Nails, like any other body part, are very susceptible to the sunlight damage, so a lipstick with the additives can help you protect not only the lips, but nails too. The hygienic lipsticks contain vitamin E, panthenol, aloe juice, which is very useful for nails. You can buy hygienic lipstick on the basis of wax at any pharmacy or in a specialized shop.

In conclusion, I want to warn you: before purchase, make sure that the lipstick is made on the basis of wax. Some new types of hygienic lip lipstick are oil-based. Perhaps for the purpose of a lipstick, oil base is better than wax, but for the nails the wax is necessary to make them watertight.
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