Beautiful Nails

It is a myth that beautiful nails can only be achieved through expensive manicures and treatments. It is in fact, very easy to make your nails beautiful, lustrous as well as strong. Simple steps can go a long way to make your nails look wonderful and healthy.
Protecting one's nails is the first step. Nails should certainly not be used as staple removers, scrapers or tools. When making phone calls, do not use your nails; rather use a pencil or the pads of your fingers to dial the number. Likewise, when doing household chores, it is recommended that you wear cotton lined rubber gloves. It is important to make sure that these gloves are not wet or moist on the inside, as this could invite fungus and lead to nail infections. Another important tip is to never cut your cuticles as this leads to nail infection. Look for products which contain organic calcium as this prevents the nails from chipping and breaking.
Hydration is also a very important aspect of making one's nails strong and beautiful. When water content in the body drops to less than fifteen percent, then the nails become weak and brittle and start to chip and break. It is important to drink lots of water, at least eight glasses per day. Your diet should be rich in fatty acids such as Omega-3's and Omega- 6's. These are found in items such as walnuts, sardines, green leafy vegetables and salmon. When moisturizing one's hands, it is important to include the nails as well, especially if they have come in contact with water.
For long nails, some of the beneficial nutrients are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, folic acid, zinc as well as protein. These will stimulate fast and healthy growth of nails.
Finally it is important to pamper your nails by visiting a salon and having them taken care of professionally. There are many simple treatments for the nails available in many salons that are not very tough on the pocket also.
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