Five rules to speed up the growth of nails

1. To keep your nails firm, do not rasp their sides, which support the ends of the horn plates. When nails grow  till the edges of the fingers, you should give a square or semi-oval form to your nails' plates. The longer the nails, the weaker they are, so regularly rasp all of the smallest burrs and roughness from the nail plate

2. The blood delivers nutrients to the formation of nails area, thereby accelerating their growth, so people with poor blood circulation have nails grow very slowly. Improve blood circulation, regularly massaging the skin around the cuticles. Heat also accelerates blood circulation, so in the summer - nails may grow faster.

3. Long nails will stay longer if you cover them with varnish. Start with a base layer suitable for your type of nails, then apply the polish. Contrary to popular belief, some modern varnishes strengthen nails, and do not weaken them. Doing household chores, wear rubber gloves and never use your nails as a scraper. 

4. Like the hair, the nails grow faster in summer. In the winter and during the changing seasons nail growth slows down and increases the probability of dehydration and breakage. When going outside, wear gloves and make weekly heating oil bath for nails. To do this, heat a little some olive oil and dip in for five-minutes your fingers then wipe them with clapping movements. 

5. Means that accelerate nail growth, promise a rapid increase in their length. Such means are different, they contain ingredients that should accelerate growth and increase the length of the nails. Some tools promise to increase nails' growth by 30%, and they usually contain a mixture of proteins, minerals and vitamins. 
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