The Manicure And Its Origin

The art of manicure has a very ancient provenance. In Egypt, in 1964, was found the Father Niankhanum and Khnumhetep's tomb. These persons were on the Pharaoh's suite list, as the "custodians and masters of the Pharaoh's nails." In translation into modern language, they were the court's masters of manicure. In the Ancient Egypt, the various colors of paint on nails was as a "class code." Vivid rich tone indicated the belonging to the royal family, pointed to a high public position, slaves could only have the fingernails painted with pale pastel shades. Cleopatra was painting her fingernails long in the ancient time in terracotta color with the use of common henna. Henna was the most popular means of painting nails throughout the Middle Ages.

The passion for longer fingernails is tracing from a variety of cultures long ago. And, the longer fingernails, the higher state in society occupy their carriers. If it was not possible to grow long natural nails, they used special augments that extended the nails for a few centimeters.

By the '50s years of the XXth century, the nail service has become an important part of the beauty industry. Everyone wanted to have beautiful long nails, and those who could not grow them wanted to try something else. Tips were invented from virtually any elastic material, even from film tape shards. Manicurists used to build natural fingernails cut off - as TIPS, they were glued to the tip of fingernails and were covered with a piece of paper.

Acrylic period began accidentally in the manicure, a dentist, opened the new century in manicure. Dentists began to sell acrylics to the masters of manicure, it started the developing of the modern nail-industry.

The very word manicure originated from the Latin "manus", which means hand, and the "cure" - care. Manicure today is a system of care for the entire hands. In modern terms is not only beautiful fingernails, but therapeutic-curing procedures, hand skin care, the technology of creating artificial nails.

A special spot in the manicure has the "Nail-Art" - a kind of higher professional master in hands care.
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